Maja Pavlovska - Maja Angel

Space, light and sky are the recurring themes in Henny Latul's work.
Maja Pavlovska - Maja Angel, International certified artist (ICA), self-educated painter, lyrics writer and translator, born 1968 in Skopje, Macedonia, living in the Netherlands since 2008 with my son, Boban.
I would never be completely satisfied like I feel, without my son`s and my family’s love and support in everything I do.
Painting is one of the jobs that makes me feel happy and relaxed, fulfilling my soul.
I paint from very young age, but I have never been educated professionally in this field.
My profession is a Manager of tourism, but I am most of my life in the Art, as a self-educated artist painter, guided mostly by Academic professor of Art, Ratka Ilieva - Lale (From 1984, until 2008, when she died).
I attended many exhibitions, trainings, workshops and colonies under her supervision.
I paint even more after I got paralyzed in 1991. Painting is part of my “soul therapy” since then.
I was right-handed and left-handed at the same time, but after the illness,
I use only my left hand for painting and writing, because it was the first one that recovered faster.

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