Latinka Minkova

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I was born in Pernik, Bulgaria, on July 15, 1952. I participate in collective exhibitions, showcasing paintings with oil colors, watercolors, icons, drawings on stone, painted ceramics, and glass. My artworks are owned by enthusiasts from many countries worldwide. I am a member of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, the Confederation of Bulgarian Writers, and the Union of Bulgarian Artists. So far, I have published eight books. In the International competition "Painting from Many," I received the prestigious "Knight of the Brush" statuette in 2018. I have had 18 solo exhibitions, numerous awards, distinctions, and certificates on international art websites, as well as retrospective presentations on sites in Italy, France, Turkey, and others. Articles about my art have been featured in Bulgaria, Russia, Lebanon, and more. My paintings are used in a psychological assistance company in Switzerland for therapy.

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